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Today, I discuss how to achieve financial liberation, which shouldn’t be confused with financial freedom. The key difference between the two, is that liberation is a journey and a path. It's a process of getting there. Whereas freedom is a state of being it's something of a destination.

I specifically use the term “liberation” because when we look at the definition, we see a unique characteristic that informs the way we approach affluence. When looking at the definition, we see that liberty requires power. The power to affect personal progress, to change one's circumstances for the better.

If we truly want to find financial liberation, if we truly want to find freedom, we must leverage our personal power to stop living the life of a “treadmill” entrepreneur, and look to find the life of an affluent entrepreneur. And that's what this episode covers today.

Today, our conversation includes:

  • How can you achieve financial liberation?
  • The concept of treadmill entrepreneur and how you can avoid burnout by stepping into affluence.
  • The three outcomes of an affluent entrepreneur: a richer lifestyle, a deeper impact, and complete freedom, which includes financial freedom, time freedom, and mind freedom.
  • The three pillars of reaching an affluent life (generate, accumulate, and protect).

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