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As we are going through what specialists call the Great Resignation, where employees are leaving their jobs for political, financial or even philosophical reasons, the entrepreneurial journey just became a little bit more complicated. Without a committed and reliable workforce, it is impossible to grow and scale our business. So, in this episode, we will learn how to attract, retain and reward our employees in the right way, avoid mass resignation and create a compelling work environment. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

- Some of the leading causes why people are either leaving their jobs or refusing to return to office

- The five levels of wellness, the benefits of raising them and how those benefits translate into the company's results

- Why implementing Employee Benefits 2.0 is a good idea and the four levels in which this would affect our company

- How the "industrial age thought process" affects modern companies and why it is not effective anymore

Until not so long ago, companies thought that taking care of employees' mental and physical health was enough to keep them happy and motivated in their jobs. Nowadays, to decide where they want to work, employees also consider professional, relational and financial dimensions of wellness. Taking care of our employees' all five dimensions of wellness will increase our attraction and retention rates, productivity and the quality of the work produced. 


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