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This episode is pure gold and you’re going to enjoy it as much as I did recording it. I'm joined by Stacy Tuschl, a brilliant entrepreneur and dear friend who built multiple six and seven-figure businesses while being a loving wife and mom of two beautiful daughters.

Stacy is the author of "The Implementation Code: Unlock the Secret of Getting it All Done" and the host of The Foot Traffic Podcast. 

We had a fantastic conversation about Stacy's journey, how she uses her values to hire, retain, celebrate and even let go of team members. Stacy talked about her fears and doubts when she started her business, how she learned to delegate and how important that was for her success. We also talk about the importance of picking a suitable model for our business, creating our teams' identity and showing them what winning looks like. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

- Who Stacy Tuschl is, how she started her business, and what values she built her business on

- The three questions every entrepreneur must have a clear answer for before starting their business

- What Stacy's core values are and how she uses them to set the pace of her business

- According to Stacy, what the right time to hire or fire a team member is

- How important it is to create repeatable systems and how we can use them to create great collaborators, save time and money

For many years, Stacy was a busy solopreneur. She was the primary teacher of her music school, she would spend long hours at work and experience burnout and exhaustion. Although she didn't have kids at the time, she realized it was impossible to maintain that lifestyle if she wanted to be a mom.

She wanted to be a successful entrepreneur and a great mom, so she learned about the importance of delegating in order to free up time and space for her to be in her zone of genius. Learning to be a master delegator was just the first step of her successful path in entrepreneurship. 

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