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I’m excited about today’s episode, because we will go through the next step after establishing our Wealth Priority Ladder™. In this show, I will take you through the six types of accounts you can choose to have on your wealth path, and I will also share a four-step system to start funding those accounts. We will look closely at each of the six accounts, pros and cons of each, and how to use them in the smartest way.  

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

- What is the account jumble, and which three criteria we must use to choose what kind of account we'll get

- Why we must keep our business from our personal accounts separated

- My three rules with high-yield cash accounts

- The benefits of having 401k and HSA accounts

One of the first steps on our journey to an affluent life is to separate accounts. Every dollar that comes in must know its purpose, and as soon as we get it we must put it to work for us. This task distribution becomes much easier when we have multiple accounts, each one of them taking care of different aspects of our lives and our business. 



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