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In this episode, we will reveal why assets are essential for your financial liberation. We will talk about the Save, Spend, and Pray society in which most of us grew up, and how that has affected the way we see money and wealth creation. We will demystify the beliefs around passive income, and we will go through the five incomes framework.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

- Why the “save, save, save” mentality can't help us to create financial liberation

- The Five Incomes™ Framework

- What is leveraged income and its role in wealth creation

- What are the two levels of income that most people spend their lives on

- The advantages of having assets income, residual income, and portfolio income

When all of our income depends on one of the five incomes, we will have a hard time scaling that. The secret to financial liberation lies not in our capacity to generate income, but in our ability to create a machine capable of supporting our lifestyle without our direct effort.


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